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In the world of online gambling, Sbobet has been a leading brand. This online gambling platform is available in the European and the Asian countries. Sbobet has become a gaming brand and it is now arranging over 500 sports betting events every week. Whenever there is any important international level sport happening, Sbobet is there. Along with easy gambling, you can also get the updates and get to know if you have won. Well, this website has really set its standard by paying out fast, easy betting methods and 24 X 7 services.

Supported Games

If you are a football lover, you already know that Sbobet is all about football betting. Options for football betting might not be that attractive but with secure deposit and withdrawal methods, they have certainly found its place in the market of football betting. It covers all the football leagues and the major tournaments all around the globe. You get to know about the present betting situation and you can place your bet right on your screen.

Along with the football betting, Sbobet is into other sporting events as well. Although, the betting limits are restricted for the other games, but you can still make good money out of not so popular games. You can put your bet for the following games with Sbobet: water polo, table tennis, squash, rugby, snooker, pool, Olympic games, martial arts, lacrosse, cycling, badminton, cricket, boxing, tennis, handball, golf, hockey etc. Basically, you can bet on any possible international gaming event because Sbobet is likely to cover them all.

Also in the online gaming section of Sbobet, you can get to play poker and other card games and many more interesting games as well like Lucky Die, Sheman’s dream, keno, scratch and win, Dashing Derby, Slot machines etc. For all of these games, you can deposit money easily and cash-out even faster, of course, you will need to win for that.

The Software and supported platforms

Sbobet has really got good software which works mainly simply and the main motto of this software is to provide you easier option to bet, deposit and withdraw money. You can try this gambling site on your phone or on your PC as well.

Support and transaction security

Well, Sbobet customer support is up for you 24 X 7 all around the globe. You can contact them via Skype, email, or telephone and ask them about your problems. Irrespective of your issues, they will solve the problem very quickly and efficiently too.

The security issues while transacting with Sbobet is really out of the question. They have their own rules of withdrawal and deposit but you can be assured that your private info is not shared with anybody and while the transaction is in the process, there is no chance of getting hacked. You can request a withdrawal in every 24 hours. You will receive your payment to your account, but the amount of time it will take to cash-out will depend on the method you choose. So, read them well before you pay out.

You can use any of the cards to deposit cash, there is no such restriction on adding money, and the only restriction is your country. Try out with, you can add money with any bank account and credit or debit card you want.

Scr888 casino review

Scr888 casino review

With the online gambling gaining its popularity, there are lots of casinos available online these days, but of course you cannot trust most of them and cannot just visit any casino to put your money for betting. Scr888 casino has really made its way towards the top of the list of valuable casinos. And there are plenty of reasons why people around the world are looking to play on this casino and why wining money here is not a big deal.

Enjoy your time

When you enter a casino, apart from winning money, your soul goal will be to make sure that, you get to enjoy your time. Not every game on the casino is meant to win you money. You need to choose such games to win money, but in this casino, there are not only games that can win you money, but also games which can actually relax your mind and you can have great time being in the casino and competing with people in friendly matches. With the huge collection of games at their disposal, you will never be bored while you are in the casino and there are no time issues with the casino, so you can play any game you want.

The interface

The user interface for the game is really great. You need to understand one thing that making a game compatible with PC is really very easy. With all the graphics and designs, you can easily make a game that will attract you on the big screen, but when it comes to the smartphones, you need to have good knowledge of how you can manage that small screen to attract players with a great design and graphical interactions. And that is exactly what scr888 has done over the course of the time.


The account security on the website is really very tight. No one can get into your account, unless you have shared the info with them. The transactions made on the website are also secured and the authority makes sure that the games are played fairly, without any kind of cheating at all. There are spywares loaded in the software to find any kind of cheating that someone might want to do. And they also make sure that your private data that you share with them are kept securely and no one can touch it.


With an easy to use interface, making transactions on this website is really easy. Adding money can take just a few seconds and the withdrawal will take another few seconds. You can ask for the payout as soon as you reach the minimum amount to payout, which is very nominal. Also the time they need to transfer your withdrawal amount to your bank account depends on the country you belong to. Just check the list of cards and banks accepted in the casino from your country and you are done.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have experience in , just get in there and start wining today and if you are new to gambling, try out their free games and then start putting your money for betting.

All that you need to know about Monkey Thunderbolt games

All that you need to know about Monkey Thunderbolt games

Every online slot game lover with little knowledge is familiar with how the entire game associated with the Monkey Thunderbolt works. While some people tend to like the level of easiness that the game possesses, the game developers have taken it to them to heighten the level of difficulty in the game. This specific article is to talk about all the various important attributes of the game along with some cheats and tricks on how to win the game even the heightened level of difficulty.

  • What exactly is Monkey Thunderbolt?

The game is one of the most popular online casino games in Malaysia and revolves around the theme of monkeys and their efficiency. The game rose to its heightened popularity during 2015 and has been since then a very popular game around the world. The rising popularity of the game was one of the main reasons as to why the game developers increased the difficulty level so as to make it harder for people actually to win. The game is played through the legendary monkeys, and it is the actual timing of the monkey to reach the top of the world in under a minute is what is recorded and placed a bet on. The bets are primarily placed upon the monkeys, and the players can even place bets upon for the second and the third position for the monkeys.

  • The story behind the game

The story of the game is plain and clear in which the monkeys were considered as the only species on Earth who could reach the very top of the world, and that is exactly the theme on which the game is based upon. The story also further explained how there was even a tough competition amongst the monkeys as well in every 100 years. The very first monkey which could reach the very top of the top first was the one who was crowned as the king for the next 100 years. The rules of the game were always tight and strict, and all the ropes that were used to keep the monkeys tied were made of silk.

  • Features of Monkey Thunderbolt

The maximum time limit for the entire game is of two minutes and the entire betting, and the associated procedure is to be done in that time only. The countdown of the game starts in the last 10 seconds of the game. Apart from the normal gaming, the game also offers jackpot versions of it. Some of the other important features of the game include the ability to zoom in to have a closer look at the monkeys. The game also offers multiple awards for each of the game set which lets you win more with less of an investment. The players also need to be well aware of situations to protect their monkeys from the prying eyes of the birds or other predators. One of the most important and useful features of the game is that it is available for all the different web browsers or different desktop clients.

Find out Monkey Thunderbolt at and it sure will surprise you.

Scr888 casino review

Scr888 casino review

Amongst the numerous online casinos that operate in the present times, not all are good enough for gambling enthusiasts. They lack a number of basic features that take away all the fun from the games. But not scr888! In fact, scr888 is known to be amongst the best online casinos that operate in Malaysia and have attracted players worldwide. Let’s take a look at what makes the casino a favorite amongst players.

Games… and more games

The first and foremost thing that player looks for is the variety of games that a casino offers and scr888 scores well in this regard. It offers more than 100 games to all its players, the most important of them all being slots – a game that is quite liked by both new players and experts. With games being added every year, you will never feel bored of playing the same game.

Graphics and design

If you are modern gambler, you must have a fascination for hi-end graphics and animation in the casino games. Scr888 has always strived for better design and graphics so that no player is ever disappointed. New games with extremely attractive plots and graphic effects are added to games’ list so that you can relate to the modern scenario very easily.


Another matter of concern that most online players have is the security of their gambling accounts and the details that they offer to the casino while playing. Since both personal and financial details are needed for playing and deposits and withdrawals, scr888 offers the maximum security to its players. All information that is offered is highly encrypted before they are sent or received so that no unscrupulous party can intercept the data. This way all your details are safe.

Multiple options

To make things easier for the players, scr888 offers a number of payment options that are available around the world. The player can choose any one option according to his/her convenience and use the same for all transactions with the casino. Change in the payment details can also be made at a later time if you prefer to choose a different withdrawal/deposit method.


To attract new players and retain old ones, scr888 has a list of promotions going on all the year round. These promo offers vary from time to time and one can make the best of the offers to win more at the casino.

Fast withdrawals

To make things even better for players, SCR888 Menang has a very fast turnaround time when it comes to processing withdrawal requests. When requested during regular ban hours, you can expect your money within 15-20 minutes. Not only that, the minimum payout being just RN50, anyone can request a withdrawal very soon after they start playing.

SCR888 Casino/Slots

SCR888 Casino/Slots

Scr888 online casino Malaysia is one of the few betting sites that have become a real hit among the domestic and foreign players alike. The transition to an online casino has made scr888 even more sensational. Today, the games can be played almost anywhere from mobile phones. It is supported on the android phones and iOS as well. The installation process is very simple and the users can start betting right away. It will, however, require a data plan.


SCR888 has a very impressive list of more than 100 fun games. These games are only downloaded into the phone on demand, hence saving a lot of storage space. Once downloaded, you take them with you wherever you go. It acts as a great way of winning instant money even when you are on the go. With so many options, you can always find a new game to amuse yourself every day. Also, the site constantly updates old games and adds new ones.

The main charm of the SCR888 online casino, however, is the slot games. It features almost every existing variety of slot games available, all of which come with unique graphics and sounds, even the odds are placed in the favor of the better. The slot games include Fairy Garden, Golden Tree, and Treasure Island among others. The menu also features poker and roulette with little variances, namely in the number of players and benefits. These games also get frequent aesthetical updates.

However, if you want something else, then you can go for action based games like Fishing Star where six players can participate together. The game allows you to shoot fish and collect resources that appear over the screen. Among the most popular ones is monkey Thunderbolt where the players are required to race their monkeys by climbing a rope. You can also try a hand at horse races if interested.

Software and platforms used

The SCR888 casino links are available on all the major sporting websites and also on others that offer additional gambling software. It is an established custom among the gambling websites to support each other; therefore it is not at all hard to find the links. You can also easily find them on the gambling media websites and gambling magazines.

The gambling website uses its own independent software. The program also allows for links to other similar gambling portals. You can also get information on how often a machine is played and where you can find them. All of these features give SCR888 a successful place at the top.

Security and support

The SCR888 software is available for free download. You can visit and have it downloaded into your PCs as well as your phones. You can also place the bets directly from the browser. You will be required to open a personal account to manage your activities. Since the casino a registered financial base, they can easily be able to pay out any amount of cash to the players.

Withdrawals and deposit

The winning policies in SCR888 Casino are the fairest of all casinos in Malaysia. It also gives one of the highest payouts. All of these factors combined to give the players a huge chance at making money. The site is also very reliable when it comes to making fund deposits and withdrawals. The transactions are very smooth and quick.

Secrets to success in Online Sportsbooks

Secrets to success in Online Sportsbooks

With the online betting getting its popularity, the online sportsbook has also found its place in the online gaming. Although, this is a popular online betting aspect now, but still few people actual know the way to bet in online sportsbook and the secret that can actually bring the success to them. If you are new to the sportsbook betting, these tips might be too much for you, but after a month or so, you will be able to start applying this more swiftly and start winning a lot more.

Parlays and Teasers are bad

This is the most important of the secrets that you need to know. This is nothing but a bait to lure the newcomers in and take the money from them. In this kind of betting, the payout amount is big really, but the chance that you will lose is too much. If you want to understand it in detail, an example would do. Say you are going for a parlay and you have put a bet on 3 teams. Now say the amount you can win is 6:1. Now for a new comes this is really alluring. Like if you can put down 20$, you will win 120$. But for that all the three teams will have to match your prediction. Now if you predict all 3 win, that can only occur once, amongst the 12 possibilities. So, the chances that you will lose will always increase. So, just remember that, even though a particular parlay is paying better amount, a slip of luck will cost you more than you can win and this where the sportsbook owners will make their profit.

Do not go with the flow

If you see that, all the bettors are betting on a particular team, then you must not go with the flow. Even if the team is getting a lot of bets, it does not mean it will win for sure. A word caution is that, while gambling you must not go with the flow. You need to use your intellect to good effect and then only you can reach the peak of success, otherwise you will be not be able to enjoy your success at all.

Knowledge is not essential

If you think knowing a game can get you good money in sportsbook online betting, you are certainly wrong. Most of the bettors know nothing about the game, yet they are wining a lot. You need to understand that, the game you are playing is lot more difficult and different than what is going on the field. You will need to read the game going on, check the bets placed by the other players and then only you will be able to make sure that you are placing the right bet for the right team. It is not about knowing which team has the better chance to win, it is about understanding which team is going to win and act accordingly, even if your favorite team is not wining in certain cases.

Sp, now that you know the secrets of the online sportsbook betting, it should be a lot easier to compete with your competition and win a lot more than them. Try these out in W88 Club Asia first and check whether you can master them, then only go for the big numbers.

Ibet Malaysia review

Ibet Malaysia review

So, you are a responsible player and as every player should do before they get into a particular casino, you are here to check out the ibet casino! Let’s get some info about them! Well, they are a Malaysia-based online casino. They have been the market for a long time enough and they have a huge customer group as well. The gaming facility and the gaming options are really attractive. Their payout system is good and all the transactions are encrypted to maintain security. They are also up to the mark with their customer care service.

Games they are offering

Well, they are an online casino, so as expected you will get to play different types of card games and few board games as well. You can try your luck in the Baccarat, or the slot machines. Slot machines in this casino are one of a kind really and the technology used to make sure the fair play, is just amazing. You can also try out the progressive jackpot but for that, you will have to know the rules and the secrets of that game. You can also try out some of the basic online gambling games that too can earn you some money.

Quality service

All in all the support staff and the customer care is really good. They are up to the mark always and willing to help you concerning anything related to the casino. Be it a general issue or a technical one, they are always ready to face your question. The main advantage of their customer service is that they listen to you carefully, understand your problem and then only try to solve your problem. They are not over smart and not looking to tell you everything that you might not be looking to know about the casino. They are ready to answer every single question to the point and with a proper solution.

Secure payment gateway

While playing online casino games, you will need to deposit money but that tends to expose your private data in the online platforms. Now the ibet casino owners have prepared their gateway to be absolutely secure. They make sure that every transaction don online is encrypted at the highest level and most importantly they always make sure that your private data is not disclosed to any other third party as well. The payouts options available for users are different depending on the country you live, so you need to check out that list, but you can surely deposit money with any online transaction methods from your online bank account or debit or credit cards.

Gaming experience

With a high definition graphical user interface, has really found its place in the long list of online casinos. But what has set this casino apart from a lot of those casinos is the user-friendly interface. The interface is so easy to use, that even a child can use it. If you really enjoy gambling, then this might be the place for you to enjoy your favorite sports and win some money by outing the bet. And if you can guess it correctly, your favorite player might score a goal and you will win a handsome amount within just few minutes.