From the acclaimed screenwriter Kankuro Kudo of Ping Pong, Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims and Takashi Miike’s Zebraman, comes Maikohaaaan!!!, a slapstick comedy with an energetic twist of Kyoto humor and a colorful introduction to the undisclosed Maiko world.

The film centers on a Japanese office guy named Kumihiko Onizuka (Sadao Abe, from Kamikaze Girls) who dumps his girlfriend because he believes he can only fall in love with a Maiko (apprentice Geisha). He decides to pursue his dream of courting a real Maiko in Kyoto. The private Maiko Houses become a social barrier added to his rival who is a millionaire baseball player (Shinichi Tsutsumi), standing in his way. Meanwhile, Kumihiko’s girlfriend (Kou Shibasaki) tries to win him back by leaving Tokyo to become a Maiko herself.