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If you’re here you must have this impelled interest in manga, anime or online gambling. And we are the ones who are willing to share this passion with you.

The industries of anime and manga are still booming and flourishing, and the new products come out regularly. The genres have almost quadrupled over the last 2 or 3 years and this is why you need a personal guide to follow up with all of the innovations. At Viz Pictures we try to provide out readers with the most detailed and full reviews on manga and anime. You can be sure that you’ll get all of the latest news the first one and will always receive plenty of updates and comments on the upcoming episodes. We also deal with gambling and try to keep you one touch from the exciting world of online gaming. You can catch up with the news and new releases on the sphere and choose something for yourself as well.

It’s crucial for us to give the most recent information to our readers and to make sure they don’t miss on anything. There are plenty of new things appearing daily and the tournaments or the updated versions of the games and it’s impossible to track down all of the changes yourself. Especially if you’re working or studying and your little watching or gambling hobby doesn’t occupy all of your time. That’s why our digests and reports are there for you to tell about the latest innovations in the games or the episodes. We’re trying to cover as many games and anime as possible, so you’ll most likely find a thing you’re currently watching or playing right here. We are more than happy if you do!

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