SCR888 Casino Review

Gambling at casinos has come a long way and today, there are thousands of online casinos that have brought gambling to our very homes. These casinos offer unlimited fun and entertainment and More »

Top 5 Tips on Choosing a Gambling Site

When it comes to choosing a website for gambling, even the most experienced players can get stuck right there. Due to the fact not everything in the industry is operating legally, there More »


SCR888 Casino Review

Gambling at casinos has come a long way and today, there are thousands of online casinos that have brought gambling to our very homes. These casinos offer unlimited fun and entertainment and the opportunity to earn loads of easy cash. And one of the best places to do so is at the scr888 casino that makes gambling more fun and lucrative. It has earned the repute of being one of the most popular casinos in Malaysia and not in vain. This review will tell you why betting at scr888 can be an excellent opportunity for all casino lovers.

Games galore

Unlike several casinos that offer only a limited number of games, the scr888 casino has a plethora of them. This has been done with the interest of the players in mind who love to play different sorts of games. This is undoubtedly a great attraction for players. From classic games like blackjack to high-end slot games, this casino offers it all.

Good payouts

Apart from the fun that players have at the casino, the money that they get to win is also a great boost for the repute of the casino. Scr888 is deeply interested in the benefit of the players and thus offer an interesting payout rate that often attracts players from across regions. Players always prefer to win as much as they can and scr888 looks after that.

Free play

Another factor that makes the casino a good choice for both newbies and pros is the option of free play. Scr888 understands the needs of the gamblers and thus has included a free play option where players can practice their game with free (virtual money) before they actually invest their own money. Naturally, new players find this option quite useful since they can practice their game and hone their skills without spending a dime. Regular players also get to know how the casino functions, before they invest any money.


To make sure that players greatly benefit by playing at the casino, scr888 offers a number of rewards as well bonuses to its members. These bonuses and rewards are offered to new as well as returning players so that everyone can have more fun. With these bonuses, you get free money to wager and win and the winnings thus made can actually be withdrawn unlike in free play.

Mobile version

Scr888 not only offers its various games to be played on PCs, laptops, etc., but it has its mobile friendly version which you can download to your phone (iOS or Android) and enjoy the games anywhere you go. The mobile version guarantees that you have a seamless gaming experience even when you are not home.


To make gambling a better experience for one and all, scr888 is devoted towards its players. That is why they have an unparalleled support service and customer care that can be reached via a variety of methods like call, email, etc. If you have a query or a doubt, the support team will be happy to help you.


Know which type of Risk Taker are you?

Know which type of Risk Taker are you?
Online games have been some of the most common sources of entertainment opted by almost all players these days. There are many different types of online games to serve the purpose for you. All these games are designed with some special features to make them really special. You can enjoy these games from anywhere and at anytime. There are many important things that you should know about these online games before you start playing them. These important facts will always let you be safe with these games and enjoy to the fullest. You can have the best of your time with these games.
There are some risks also
Every coin has two faces and so do online games. Thus there are many risks involved in these online casino games along with their features. Knowing about these different risks will help you to be aware of the threats associated with the game. This way you will be able to experience the best of these games and avoid any kind of losses.


Here are some of the risks involved in the online casino games:
Technological risks: though technology is known to acquire our lives widely. However despite of the so many advantages there are also many risks involved with these. Technological risks involve viruses, the content from malicious sites and many more. These can cause harm to your systems and the data stored in these. Therefore you need to be sure that you select the sites that are virus free and cause no harm to your gadgets or information.
Social Risks: Although the online games are going to be some of the solitary activities you take up, these are connected directly or indirectly to the social environment on the web. Therefore there are certain social risks involved with these games too. This can cause insecurity to your personal information, your account and other platforms and details. Therefore you need to move on very carefully while playing these games. These may lead you to great losses therefore you should always select the best sites for playing online gambling games.
Identity theft: There are many other websites who can track your personal information from the gaming sites and use them for unwanted acts. Therefore you need to be very careful while you are playing any of the online casino games. In many cases the game servers may disclose your personal details to others and can cause loss to you. Therefore you need to be careful about these so that you can enjoy safely.
Therefore it can be said that there are many risks involved with the online casino games. These need to be taken care of, as these may cause huge losses to you. Therefore you should always search for the best websites to carry out your gaming activities in the best ways. Along with the best features it is also important to ensure safety. Thus you can enjoy the best of these online games. Therefore pick up some of the best games and enjoy them as per your choice. Also ensure that you play the game as safely as you can by avoiding the risk factor.

Know the best and the worst game in casino

Know the best and the worst game in casino
Online games have been some of the most common sources of entertainment to people in the present times. There have been many varieties of online games to provide people with the best ones as per their choice. These games are considered to be the ones in which your winning depends on your luck. However, many tips and tricks you can find that help you to play these games in the best manner. The beginners usually try to search out for the best and worst games in gambling so that they can experience the best of these. Knowing about these will help you to move safely in respect of gambling games and also have the best time with them.
Online casinos have been emerging as some of the most common entertainment sources that are preferred due to the amazing features they exhibit. This content is going to discuss the best and the worst casino game that you may face. Knowing about this can be a good way of getting informed about the different considerable points in gambling if you are new. Let’s discuss some important things in this respect.
Know the best one: Blackjack
Blackjack is considered to the best the top most preferred game among all other casino games available. Offering you with the most interesting and the best odds this game has been able to attain the top most places. This can be a great game for beginners as this is really easy to play with some considerable tips and tricks. However, despite being one among the top games, there may be many who don’t like blackjack. In this game, you are not going to play against any hooded poker players you are going to play against the dealer instead. This can turn out to be a really interesting experience for you.
There are many more points that you may need to know about this game to be better in it. However, this is not such a difficult task now. You will surely enjoy this game.
Now the worst: Slot machines
Slot machines have been the most commonly opted game in casino gambling. However, this is something that does not really complement the online casinos game in the best way. Though slots are the most popular games, these are not able to offer really competitive odds to the players. Apart from this, the game is also known to have many uncertainties with it. Therefore you may find it to be not so well working in many cases. This may not be able to satisfy you in the best way like the other new games may do. Therefore it may be better to search out for some better games rather than spending your time on these.
Therefore you may have now known about the best and the worst casino gambling game that you may face. You can get to experience the best of these games with the right decisions in 3Star88 have been offering you with some of the best ways of keeping you entertained. Therefore enjoy them well in your leisure time.

Know the top 3 games in gambling

Know the top 3 games in gambling
Online gambling has been one of the most common interests these days. There are lots and lots of people interested in playing these online games loaded with many interesting features. These are some of the most common sources of entertainment taken up by people in the present days. Online games have been available in a huge number. However, there have been many who are new to these games. Therefore try to seek guidance in order to experience some of the most popular and best gambling games. There are many different games to entertain you with their amazing features and playing techniques. This content will discuss some of the best and top favorite gambling games.
The Topmost in the list
As soon as you get linked to the casino, you will find a wide range of games available to you. All of these are known to possess some different features and specialties. Knowing about these will help you to make out which game would you actually like. Therefore here are the top three gambling games available to you:
Black Jack: Blackjack is known to be one of the top most games among all other gambling games. This game is known for having the best odds and presents before you the best platform for entertainment. Here you are going to play against the dealer only and not against any hooded poker champions. This is one of the easiest and the most interesting gambling games to be played. You can easily get to know the tricks and tactics used in the game and get better in playing it. You can easily get to know much more about this game. However, this can be the best game for you and will help you out with the best time playing these.
Craps: This is regarded as the second most favorite game among all other games. This game is also known to offer you with the best odds. This is a dice game but can turn out to be a disappointing for beginners. This game requires understanding that is not so easy to attain. Therefore you may need to know a lot about this game if you really want to be a good player for this.
Roulette: The third most favorite stop is the roulette wheel. This is one of the most interesting gambling games you can find. You will get to experience some of the amazing spins with this. The game depends on the landing of the spin. The further game will move on with a view whether it lands on red or a black. Both these situations have a different thing for you. This game can be one of the best treats in your free time.
There’s no doubt that the online gambling games are available to you in a wide variety of the best entertainment for you. These can provide you with some of the best pastime options. Therefore you pick up the ones that seem to be interesting to you and enjoy these with the best tricks to play.

Top 5 Tips on Choosing a Gambling Site

When it comes to choosing a website for gambling, even the most experienced players can get stuck right there. Due to the fact not everything in the industry is operating legally, there might be a chance that you encounter some problems with the choice. There are indeed quite many sites to go to, but it’s important to know some basic rules. Those will help you to keep it safe and enjoy the gambling while being sure you’re under the protection of the law.

Tips on Choosing a Safe Online Gambling Site

    1. Check the availability.
      It’s quite hard for people of some countries to enjoy the online gambling at home. Like, in the US the laws are quite restricting and opening a gambling business somewhere apart from the Indian reservations is quite tough. But it’s also hard to do even the online gambling and many sites can block you depending on your residence. You have to check the list of the websites available in your country and try them out.
    2. Make sure you look at the licensing.
      Your second step should be to check the website and look if it has a license. If you can’t see anything like it or it had expired a long time ago, you better not play on the website or do it at your own risk. There are many of those which operate illegally and you certainly don’t want to go into that. Also, beware of the fake licensing and check if it looks the right way.
    3. Look at the gambling laws in your own country.
      Make sure you review all of the laws and understand of those apply directly to you. The country might allow online gambling or have some age or the amount of money you use restrictions you might want to check.
  1. Check in with the customer service.
    The reputable websites have a decent customer support service, so you should get a response pretty quickly. You can ask any questions and make sure you notice how you’re treated. As you are a client, the support person should be patient and polite with you. If you notice there is something wrong, better not use the website.
  2. Look at the reviews.
    Those can tell you a lot of the gambling site. It’s obvious that you don’t want to use the site where there are many negative reports. But make sure you check the credibility of the reports too since quite often some of those are fake. There is a simple way to figure out which one is not coming from a real person – there would be a lot of common phrases that you can simply check out with any search engine.


Using all of those tips will save you from making your online gambling experience negative and will help to save your money and make the play overall pleasant. Another important thing to keep in mind here is the type of the gambling you’re looking for since not all of the website offer all of those. So your search for the optimal thing for yourself might be a bit longer than you think if there are multiple types of gambling you want to try.

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Improving Your Online Gaming Techniques

Online gaming, or how it’s now frequently referred to, e-sports is a good way to spend your time and possibly even earn some money. If you spend your time and learn some tips on how to improve the way you’re playing, you can really make it much more than a hobby and play for the teams or take part in tournaments. While this might seem as something distant and nearly impossible, you still can become a great player and make a career out of your hobby.

7 Ways to Become a Better E-Gamer

  1. Meddle with your screen.
    There might be some setting that doesn’t really help your vision and only make it harder to spot the enemy and actually play. It might be the inappropriate settings with the screen or with the game specifically or just the improper lighting in your room. This might seem like a tiny issue, but if you fix it you’ll notice how easier it comes to get to your peak performance.
  2. Find your old headphones.

If you’ve ever tried to record a video or do the audio recording on your phone you should know that the room around is full of extra noises. You might not be aware of how much your attention disperses, but wearing the headphones would help a lot with that and get it right for you.

  1. Watch the reviews.
    Watching the ways other people play can be especially beneficial and you can learn from them and watch their tactics and learn from that. This also can be quite entertaining and you might end doing something like that yourself. It’s quite easy to find some good friends that way and to get some amazing experience.
  2. Train your brain for some specific purposes.
    There are many tasks with the e-gaming where you practically need one single skill mastered. It could be the speed, the quick thinking and reaction or the precise movements. Try to find some exercises for that specific skill and do those for some time. That would help you a lot in the future and you’ll go through the quests much easier, even though it might seem like too much work right now.
  3. Check your coordination and work on it.
    A lot of it depends on your coordination and many people struggle with the bad one. Try to improve it with some exercises and some practices. This will benefit your performance with many things in life.
  4. Check the internet connection to get rid of lagging and enhance performance.
    This might be the root of the problem, so do everything possible to get rid of it. You can start by minimizing the number of the players or checking the connection to the server.
  5. Play with the better players.
    Don’t worry if they’re too good for you at first, you’re still learning and it’s all alright. You’ll notice the difference later.

If you really try to incorporate those into your regular practices at SCR888 Official , you’ll notice the result appearing soon enough. And remember that if you really want to become a professional online gamer, there is nothing stopping you but your own impatience and the lack of desire to work on your mistakes. Learn from each failure and each death and there won’t be anyone who could outperform you.

Online Casinos and the flashiness around it

Online Casinos and the flashiness around it

The online or virtual version of casinos is commonly called the Online Casinos. These casinos are a way for people who cannot afford to visit casinos in reality because of time or money. Here, people can easily play using the internet and is a type of online gambling. Online casinos offer lots of bonuses and payback methods which the normal or traditional casinos don’t. Some even have higher paybacks than other online casinos.

Online casinos generally rent their software from several companies. Some casinos even buy the software. The companies are International Game Technology, CryptoLogic Inc (Amaya), Microgaming, etc.

Types of Online Casinos:

Generally, there are two types of online casinos. But at times both of the interfaces are offered by one single company. The two major types are listed below:

  • Web-based online casinos: Online casinos that are web based, commonly known as flash casinos are the ones that have websites where the users can play games without having to download the whole software for playing the Casino. The Casino companies, in this case, have several browsers which have a plug-in that direct you to the games. A certain bandwidth is required because of all the graphics, animations and sounds that are present in the games. Some casinos also have an HTML interface where you can access the games.


  • Download-based online casinos: Unlike the web-based casinos this type requires a downloaded version of the software for playing the casino games. The software connects with the online casino services and then allows the player to play. Also, in this case, the games run smoother than that of the web based ones. This is because of the graphics and sound that is controlled by the already downloaded software. But of this type, the risk of malware or virus attacks is always there since it is downloaded from the internet.

Several Games that are offered:

Unlike traditional casinos, the online casinos cannot offer a huge range of games. But they are also advancing in that section as the technology is improving day by day. But these are some of the games that are commonly offered in all online casinos:


Generally, most of the online casinos offer a sign-up bonus to a new player. Also if someone is playing many games subsequently, then they are offered a bonus. Though these might sound interesting but they have certain clause under which the bonuses are offered. There are conditions that are signed by both the player and the company of the casino in order to attain those bonus points. Casinos sometimes restrict players from playing certain games for various reasons. They do not want to lose their benefits, so they offer the player a sum of bonus in exchange for some other higher money that goes into their account. These are few of the bonuses provided by the online casinos:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Cash back or Insurance bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Non-cashable bonuses

So, this is all about the online casinos. If you are an interested player, then make sure to check the company properly and also for malware attacks along with the legality of the website,

3 Star 88 Casino

3 Star 88 Casino is an entirely online casino that focuses on the entertainment as well as maintaining the true essence of gambling. The brand services the Asia pacific markets, providing casino gaming products with impeccable integrity. The internet casino gaming experience provided by the site is exceptional. They have a very wide variety of betting options and richly themed graphics, making them a true head turner in the world of online betting.


3 star 88 comes with a massive range of online casino games. The brand has a very catchy menu featuring fantastic table and card games, namely craps, roulette, blackjack, crazy blackjack, baccarat, and keno. They also have virtual online slots with a number of different themes. There are progressive jackpots placed on these slot machines, which makes betting even more intense and thrilling. The slots arena includes classic reels and video slots. The site also offers Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Poker. However, there is a video selection poker that allows you to pick from 7 poker variants all of which have progressive jackpots. There is also a 50 hand power play on certain games.

Software and platforms used

The softwares used for 3 star 88 casino are met with frequent upgradations. Although it was only small software when it came out, today the software has grown into a much sophisticated and powerful program. Today, it stands to give a tough competition to even the most established of betting sites. The site provides a wide choice of the games and houses very impressive graphics. The players may either access it online through Flash Casino for instant play or they can also have it downloaded into the PCs. The download process is extremely quick and hassle free. However, the versions available for download are only compatible with the windows PC. The users of Max and Linux may use Flash Casino, which is also very accommodating.

Security and support

3 star 88 has a very reliable and user-friendly customer support. The site offers a 24 by 7 customer support and features live chat as well. The responses are very quick and you can contact them through multiple ways. An account in live chat, we chat or any other email is very convenient. They also provide a wide range of customer support so that every inquiry is handled separately and with more attention.

Withdrawals and deposits

Almost all the betting sites receive their fund deposits using a number of payment addresses. These deposits can be made through debit/credit cards or through online banking if the bank allows it. The withdrawals are also made using the very same process that was used for making deposits. These withdrawals are also known as cashouts, providing better with payments if they win a bet. 3 star 88 casino disposes payouts at a very high speed. This is one of the contributing factors that make it one of the best online casinos in Malaysia. The casino2dat has also ranked 3star88 at the 6 the place for the ease of making and receiving deposits. The payment modes used are namely Maybank, CIMB bank, Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, RHB Bank and Interbank Transfer.

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How to choose the perfect Online Sportsbook?

How to choose the perfect Online Sportsbook?

Everyone loves to play games and more than that, watching sports is a different kind of love for the people. All over the world, people want to get involved in the games they love. But in the most cases it is not possible really for them to actually take part in the game and change the course of the game as they would like to be. This where the betting comes in. Betting on sports do not give you a chance to take part actively in a game, but do give you a chance to win a good amount of money if you can predict the proper outcome of a match.

When it comes to the sport betting, everyone prefers to go for the sportsbook betting. If you search online, you can find plenty of online websites that will provide you sportsbook betting. But choosing the proper online sportsbook betting option is the key to your success.

Does the sportsbook site pay?

Yes! This is what you need to know, whether the website you are playing on, is real or not. Your concern must be about the money that you can win and also if you can get the money from the website that you will win. For this, you need to talk to some of the previous players on the website and get to know whether the website pays on time and correctly. Just remember one thing; you are here to win, so unless you can withdraw your money, there is no point of betting on sportsbook online.

Process of Wager

With the advancement of the technology, now a days the interfaces available on the online gambling sites are really very good. But still there are websites, on which making a wager is not that simple or to be precise, it’s very complicated. If you are playing on a reputable website, you can surely trust their way of wagering and for the sites that are not so popular, checking out the instructions to put a wager or place a bet might help you out. Overall, you need to know if you can play on the website easily or is it going to take some time to get used to the interface.

Transaction process

The transaction procedure is also very much important. You need to be sure that, the amount of money that you are going to withdraw will be withdrawn to your account perfectly. Some of the websites may say that after you make a withdraw they are not responsible for what happens to the money. But that is what you need to avoid. If a website is not bothered whether you are receiving your payment or not, then there is no point in playing on that website, even if it has the best of the games and brilliant options to choose from.

Is there any bonus available?

If you are new to the sportsbook betting, a bonus is what you need to look for. This will keep you engaging in the game and also you will be able to tryout your luck with the bonus amount that you will get. Normally, these websites will have different kind of bonuses available but you need to check whether they are actually working or not.

So, as you can see, betting on is not an easy task and finding the proper website to bet on is even difficult. That is why you need to be sure and then only you should put your bet on your favorite game.

Sportsbooks – A grey world

Sportsbooks – A grey world

Sports are such a thing which can kindle excitement in anyone’s mind. Everybody loves the adrenaline rush they get in their head when they are watching a game where the final moment between their favorite team and the opponent team is nearing, and they are holding their breath to see the final outcome.

Craze and reality of betting

People are crazy when it comes to seeing their favorite team winning, and indeed some people can go haywires to actually help in their favorite team winning, by hook or crook. So they try to fix the match or fix a bet on a specific date when their favorite team will be playing so that their favorite team wins the match.

But, fixing a match or real life gambling is illegal almost in the whole world. So there are chances of facing legal course if one gets caught while fixing a bet. There have even been cases where people have been sent to jail for making a bet on a sport in real life. But, online gambling or virtually fixing a bet comes under the grey lines of the gambling prevention laws and there comes the sportsbooks or the websites where the makers of these kinds of websites lets a person of any country fix a bet on any team or any sport of any country around there world being anywhere in the world. Till date, there have been no cases of anyone going to the prison for online bet fixing.

What to look for such websites?

Although most of these sportsbook websites are situated in small countries or islands or in countries where they have to pay a very little amount of money to the government of those countries for their cause of running their websites. Although these website headquarters are situated in small countries or islands, they are not restricted only inside those countries or islands. Rather, most of these kinds of websites with their heads being in small countries cater to big countries, mostly the first world or the rich countries throughout the globe.

It is advisable for one to look through a number of websites before they decide to fix a bet on their favorite team because many of these websites are the only scam and they are mostly created to rob off people out of their excitement to fix a bet on the winning of their favorite team. One should check if the website is trustworthy, has been running for quite a while, and also does not require too much of personal information and can transfer money to their bank account which they can access being in their own homes in case their favoured team has won the match on which they have had fixed their bet on.

It is also advisable to bet through that sportsbook which lets one use their country’s currency to fix the bet so that there is no problem of exchanging the currency if the bet fixer’s favored team has won and they’re getting their amount back.

No matter from where one makes their bet, is it always advisable they do their research.

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